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Secret Suffering: How Women's Pelvic and Sexual Pain Affects their Relationships

Sex hurts. That s the bottom line for roughly 20% of the women in this country between the ages of 18 and 50. Chronic pelvic/sexual pain (CPP) is a devastating condition that can wreck marriages and destroy the self-esteem of both partners.

Secret Suffering is the first book to:

  • Open the floodgates to expose the issue of chronic sexual pain, which tears couples apart and destroys both partners quality of life
  • Present in-depth interviews of suffering couples
  • Focus not just on the condition, but on how it affects relationships
  • Educate women about the interconnectivity of bodily functions that create sexual and pelvic pain
  • Urge parents to look for early signs of chronic pelvic pain in their adolescent and teenage daughters (sometimes due to sports injuries)
  • Let women who suffer know they aren t alone and they aren t crazy
  • Provide a proven blueprint for regaining intimacy in their relationships and management of the condition

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