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Heal Pelvic Pain

Heal Pelvic Pain ( offers relief and recovery—not through surgery and not through drugs, but through strengthening, stretching and relaxation exercises, manual techniques, biofeedback, and the other modalities and self-care techniques of physical therapy.

About the book:
  • Bring awareness to "what is the pelvic floor," its importance in urinary, bowel, and sexual function
  • Curing pelvic pain, incontinence, IBS, bladder, bowel, and sexual disorders
  • It can be mistaken for SO many other things
  • Relieving pain in an 'intimate' area
  • Surgery and drugs are usually NOT the answer if it is a musculoskeletal disorder
  • ENHANCING your sex life (through the elder years, too!!)
  • Its effect on men, women, and children and during and after pregnancy

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