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The Complexity of Chronic Vulvar Pain: A Biopsychosocial Approach Trying to figure out the “cause” of most chronic pain conditions is never simple. Often, the original cause has long resolved, disappeared, or was a mystery to begin with. And it really isn’t as simple as finding that “one thing” that “caused” the issue and that — if identified — can be “fixed” such that a “complete cure” can be expected. It’s unfortunate that it isn’t that simple.

Contracture: Can It Occur in the Pelvic Floor? In October I had the privilege of presenting at the International Pelvic Pain Society’s annual meeting. During one of the presentations, a discussion ensued regarding the term contracture. The discussion was centered on whether or not the pelvic floor could ever be in a state of contracture. Given the confusion that was evident during this discussion, I thought a review of the muscle physiology associated with skeletal muscle contracture would be useful to our membership. 

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