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As we begin 2016, we’re reflecting on some of our favorite BlogTalkRadio shows from 2015, with The Pelvic Messenger, supported by the International Pelvic Pain Society. Read on below to learn more about these wonderful radio shows discussing pelvic health and give them a listen! Here they are, in no particular order:

The True Value of Listening to Patients Our initial patient encounter creates the framework for not only how we relate to our patient but critical information relayed for the first time that creates the context in which the patient’s condition is best understood.

You’ve heard about the silent auction, where you have the chance to bid on vacations, sports memorabilia, event tickets, handmade items and more. Maybe you haven’t heard why the International Pelvic Pain Society works so hard to raise money each year. 

Changing the Brain’s “Painful” Habits The brain is a habit-forming machine. It loves patterns, rhythms, and routines. It loves knowing what to expect. In fact, there’s an aspect about the brain in which it needs to know what to expect and this occurs more in some brains than others. 

Undisclosed Trauma and Pelvic Pain Health Status and Abuse/Trauma History: Gastrointestinal and Chronic Pelvic Pain

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