The 2020 Annual Scientific Meeting on Pelvic Pain provides practitioners and researchers with an expanded and topical understanding of the evaluation, diagnosis, treatment and research of disorders associated with chronic pelvic pain. The meeting emphasizes the multidisciplinary and collaborative approach to the management of chronic pelvic pain. Presentations will combine research findings and clinical care patterns and practices important to the care of persons living with persistent pelvic pain. For providers who need a broader understanding of pelvic neuroanatomy, physiology, and available treatments, additional workshops are available. The meeting will explore four key areas of pelvic pain management:
• Pain Mechanisms
• Vulvovaginal and Sexual Health
• Visceral Pain Conditions
• Treatment Strategies 

Who should attend?

This meeting is deigned for healthcare professionals and researchers interested in the evaluation, diagnosis, treatment, and research of disorders associated with chronic pelvic pain including. Nearly 400 attendees include:

Acupuncturists Pain Physiatrists Physical
Doctors of Osteopathic Medicine Medical & Rehabilitation
Gastroenterologists Physical Therapists
Mental health professionals Psychiatrists
Nurse practitioners Psychologists
OBGYNs Sex Therapists
Pain Psychologists Surgeons
Pain Researchers Urologists

Why Attend?

1. Gain insight on the latest scientific advances and new modalities in pelvic pain management
2. Network with like-minded colleagues from various disciplines
3. Explore the whole-body approach to pelvic pain management
4. Learn how to build a team of interdisciplinary professionals to manage chronic pelvis pain
5. Recharge, personally and professionally