Many members of the IPPS have written books or designed products to help patients with pelvic pain. Please note that only IPPS members are permitted to post their products on this website.

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Healing the Pain Down There: A guide for females with persistent genital and sexual pain

4 DVD set with 5 hours of educational materials to help guide young women towards understanding and managing pelvic, genital and sexual pain disorders.For more information, please visit paindownthe...


The Pelvic Floor Piston: Foundation for Fitness

Incontinence treatment is much more than just strengthening your pelvic floor. Instead, new research shows that treating leaks requires a "core team" working in unison. This self-paced vi...


Healing Pelvic and Abdominal Pain: The Ultimate Home Program for Patients and Guide for Practitioners

This video, by internationally renowned physical therapist, Amy Stein, DPT, is for men, women and children experiencing IC/PBS, IBS, Vulvodynia, Endometriosis, Non-bacterial Prostatitis, and other ...


Your Pace Yoga: Relieving Pelvic Pain

Your Pace Yoga: Relieving Pelvic Pain is a DVD created by Dustienne Miller, board certified women's clinical health specialist and Kripalu Yoga teacher. In this video, she weaves breath work, m...