IPPS ListServ

The Premier Email Discussion List for Discussing and Understanding Pelvic Pain


The IPPS discussion list is a two-way email list server that allows anyone whose email address is on the list to send an email message to everyone else on the list at the same time by simply sending a message to a single email address. The address to send your messages to is: discuss_ipps@lyris.pelvicpain.org. You can reply to the list messages just like you would reply to any other email message. The difference is that your reply will be sent to all of the email addresses on the list, after the moderator's approval.


If you are replying to a posted message through email, please remember to remove your unsubscribe information at the foot of the email. Also, please adjust the subject line if necessary to avoid the following (RE: RE: RE: SomeSubject) where multiple members may have already replied. Also, please remove your email footer (text regarding how to unsubscribe from the list) when replying.


Click the link below and enter your email address and password. If you enter the wrong password you will be given a screen to have your password sent to you. (See example)

Once in the list discussion system, you can:

  • Unsubscribe from the list
  • Send a message to the list
  • Read all previous messages
  • Perform searches of all previous messages
  • Modify your settings (change your email address or change your password)
  • Change how you receive mail, such as message digest or even to not receive email but still retain the ability to participate.

Enter the List


The IPPS discussion list consists exclusively of International Pelvicpain Society members' email addresses. Non-members do not have access to read or send messages.


If you are an IPPS member and are not already on the list but would like to be added, please email your request to info@pelvicpain.org. In your request, please indicate that you would like to be added to IPPS and include your first and last names.


To unsubscribe from the IPPS discussion list, you can follow the instructions at the footer of any of the list messages that arrive; or you can email your request to info@pelvicpain.org. If you choose to send your request to info@pelvicpain.org, in your request, please indicate that you would like to unsubscribe from the discussion list, and please include your first and last names and the email address we have on file.


If you have any questions or problems with your subscription, please contact the list owner at: info@pelvicpain.org.