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Patient Advocate Reporter

As part of the IPPS mission we would like to inform patients with pelvic pain about the newest developments in the diagnosis and treatment of pelvic pain. IPPS members act as Patient Advocate Reporters at the IPPS Annual Meeting. Reporters will attend the meeting and each will select at sessions that they found most interesting and applicable to the patient with pelvic pain. They will write a 1 page summary in lay language for the session.

The Pelvic Messenger

  • Symple (App)
    Symple is a symptom tracker. Patients can put in the symptoms that they want to track, the factors that they think influence their pain and then once or a few times a day they can quickly record the pain levels and the factors.
  • The Mystery of Chronic Pain
    An 8 minute presentation by Dr. Elliot Krane explaining how the human body can malfunction and turn the sensation of pain into the disease of chronic pain. The title above is linked to the website.
  • Resilience in the Face of Chronic Pain
    Outstanding lecture from Afton L. Hassett, Psy.D. on reliance.
  • FibroGuide
    Interactive App for patients with fibromyalgia
  • UCLA Mindful Awareness Research Center
    Free guided meditations