Benefits to Membership include:

IPPS Memberships

IPPS members are charged annual dues based on the membership year January 1 – December 31.

Membership renewal payments are due every year on January 1 to continue membership with IPPS.

Please note that membership dues are non-refundable.


Find a Provider
This public search tool will allow you to extend your expertise and knowledge to patients and providers seeking a specialist as well as help you find referral sources for your patients and colleagues with similar interests.

Membership Marketplace
IPPS members may submit their books, DVDs, and products to our social committee for approval to be listed on our website. The website will list a small photo of the product, a 100-word description of the product and a link to where website users can purchase the product.

IPPS Discussion List
The IPPS discussion list is the premier discussion list for discussing and understanding pelvic pain. This two-way email list manager allows IPPS members on the list to send an email message to everyone else on the list at the same time by simply sending a message to a single email address. Once subscribed, you will be able to send a message to the list, read all previous messages, perform searches of all previous messages, modify your settings (change your email address or change your password) and change how you receive mail, such as message digest or even to not receive email but still retain the ability to participate.

Ask the Board
IPPS members can submit questions to our multidisciplinary Board of Directors. The questions and answers are posted in a Q and A format on the website.

Event Calendar
IPPS members are eligible to list their pelvic-health events on our public calendar. When your event is clicked on, our website will direct the user to the webpage for your event.

The IPPS Blog is a source of reliable information for patients and providers. Our members are eligible to submit a blogpost for publication.


IPPS Annual Meeting
The IPPS Annual Scientific Meeting provides practitioners and researchers with an expanded and topical understanding of the evaluation, diagnosis, treatment and research of disorders associated with chronic pelvic pain. The meeting emphasizes the multidisciplinary and collaborative approach to the management of chronic pelvic pain. Anyone with an interest in this prevalent healthcare problem is invited to attend, including primary care providers, gynecologists, nurses, urologists, surgeons, anesthesiologists, neurologists, physical therapists, psychiatrists and neuroscientists. Presentations will combine research findings and clinical care patterns and practices important to the care of women and men afflicted by chronic pelvic pain. For providers who need a more broad understanding of pelvic neuroanatomy, physiology, and available treatments, additional workshops will provide a more comprehensive overview of the evaluation of chronic pelvic pain.


Vision E-Newsletter
Vision, the e-newsletter with summer, fall, and winter editions, offers IPPS members the latest information in the field of pelvic pain with featured articles, messages from the president and board chairman, information about upcoming meetings and, following the annual meeting, the winning poster abstracts.

Important information on upcoming meetings including online registration, abstract deadlines and opportunities to participate in surveys focusing on pelvic pain, is sent to your inbox.